Welcome Baby Bruins

rebecka post 1On April 11th, UCLA hosted the 5th annual Bruin Day to greet approximately 14,000 parents, guests, and the newly admitted class of 2019. I was lucky enough to work in the Statement of Intent to Register lounge where 246 students decided to submit their acceptance to UCLA and join the Bruin family. During this time there was so much happening, from staff doing the 8-clap loudly and proudly (approximately 246 times) for every student who accepted their offer to UCLA to families tearfully hugging in commemoration of their child’s big decision. Immediately afterwards families and friends were ecstatic to celebrate the big decision by ringing the victory bell which is given to the winner of our annual rivalry UCLA vs. USC football game. I would also like to note that this is our third year that our baby bruins have had the opportunity to ring this iconic bell.

Being a fourth year and witnessing this process for the fifth time (including my own Bruin Day), it never gets dull. Each year the UCLA staff does their best to make Bruin Day bigger and better for the baby bruins, families, and guests. “We made the Statement of Intent to Register process more than just a mundane task of filling out forms,” said John Talbert, UCLA’s Undergraduate Admission Programmer Analyst Supervisor. “We made it into a memorable and special experience and I am sure the new bruins will remember it for the rest of their lives.”

Go Bruins, and congratulations to our newly admitted students!


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