More than just sites to see

Photo Credit: Jamie Campbell

One of my absolute favorite things I often take for granted about being in Los Angeles is the fact that if you have a favorite artist or band that is still alive and making music, they will likely come play live somewhere within an hour’s driving distance to this city.

From smaller places like The Troubador and The House of Blues for a personal setting, to large, sold out venues like The Hollywood Bowl or The Shrine Auditorium, these places are scattered all over Los Angeles and I’ve been to an uncountable amount of shows at them since high school.

This past weekend I saw one of my favorite artists, Childish Gambino, at The Shrine. I had previously missed him when he came to UCLA Bruin Bash my freshman year AND when he came to Los Angeles a couple of summers ago, so this performance was long overdue for me to see. As expected, he was SO amazing. And I didn’t even have to drive very far to admire him from the crowd, just a short 30 minutes (with a little bit of traffic) to downtown.

I also saw one of my other favorite bands, Blink 182, here a few months ago and I really want to go to Weenie Roast in Irvine this month. There really always is a performance to see here and I absolutely love it.

Jamie Campbell