Welcoming New Bruins

It is hard to believe that I am entering my last year as a UCLA undergraduate. While a year sounds like ample time I know it will fly by! Zero week is always one of the most exciting times for UCLA students. There are a huge amount of activities to choose from the widely anticipated Bruin Bash to the enormous activities fair. UCLA makes a huge effort to not only welcome new freshmen and transfer but also remind returning bruins how incredible their university truly is.
Bruin Bash this year was performed by E-40 and Tyga. Pauley Pavilion was packed with excited students and the artists definitely did not disappoint. The next morning was the giant activities fair where UCLA’s 1000 clubs and organizations gather to table and explain their purpose. It is a great opportunity for new and returning students to learn about all of the different options to get involved during the school year (the free food/candy doesn’t hurt either!).
Monday evening the new students attend a “True Bruin Welcome” where they are officially welcomed by Chancellor Block and the USAC student body president. Following these speeches students attend a barbeque to meet and greet with other bruins. UCLA makes a huge effort to help new students in their transition. I remember zero week of my first year as when I finally felt like a full college student. Being surrounded by so many incredible people and realizing we are all embarking on a brand new adventure was unforgettable.
The next step in the agenda of new students is participating in UCLA’s Volunteer Day. Volunteer Day is a tribute to UCLA’s Los Angeles community, where students go out across LA to volunteer in all different capacities. This day is very reflective of UCLA’s emphasis on community service and giving back to our community. It is also a chance for students to figure out what volunteer opportunities they might be most interest in over their four years.
Entering college is an unbelievably exciting time. I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed, but I still remember that first zero weeks fondly. I remember college being such an intimidating idea, but now UCLA really does feel like home. To all new bruins, welcome to UCLA and cherish these four incredible years ahead of you.