Free Kayaking!

I don’t know if you can tell, but I love the outdoors! I love running, hiking, going to the beach, and now….KAYAKING!

UCLA students get two free hours of kayaking down at the Marina Del Rey Aquatics Center.  This is something that I’ve heard about numerous times, but have never taken advantage of.  Recently my friends and I went down to Marina Del Rey to try out this free kayaking and it was awesome!  There was free parking, easy sign in, a locker room, and life vests all provided for us.  Once we were ready to get in the water, our friend who works there helped us get our kayaks off the dock and sent us off!

We got to kayak all around the marina.  We had to watch out for boats, other kayakers, and paddle boarders, but that was all a part of the adventure.  It was definitely a workout, but I also got a great tan.  I brought a waterproof camera, so we got to document our experience as well.  About an hour into our time, some of my friends got really tired so we just held on to each other’s kayaks and float for a while.  Once we were ready to get back to kayaking, we explored a bit more and made our way to a nearby beach.  Finally, we had to head back.  Lifting the kayaks out of the water was much more difficult after two hours of kayaking, but we made it!

I wish I had taken advantage of this free kayaking sooner, but I have the rest of the summer and next year to go again!