Summer Options

As week 9 comes to an end there is one thing on almost every Bruin’s mind… Summer! After one of the best quarters of the years, Bruins cannot wait to finalize summer plans and figure out where their next three months will take place. A great part of UCLA is the various options available to students who want to not only enjoy their summers, but also continue their educational course work.
A very popular summer option is studying abroad. There are a huge amount of study abroad programs available to students. One of the popular choices is the UCLA Travel Study program. These programs are connected to various departments and majors. For example, I am studying abroad in Paris through the history department. I get to travel with fellow Bruins in the history major and be taught by one of the most renowned professors in the department. The advantage of this program is the direct transfer of unit credit. Many other students take advantage of other programs that are taken through universities in other countries. One of my friends is going to Sussex England to study engineering.
For students who want to stay in Los Angeles and spend the summer in that phenomenal Southern California weather, they can take summer classes at UCLA. There are classes offered in all different majors, languages, and GE’s. This offers students the chance to get ahead in their coursework and take advantage of living in Los Angeles. Summer classes are unique in that they are shorter in duration. Instead of a ten-week quarter students take a 6 or 8-week course.
Yet another option for UCLA students are online summer classes. This allows students to travel, go back home, or even stay in LA but take their classes online instead of in a classroom. I took one last summer and loved it! I was able to be at home in my p.j.’s while watching lecture videos at my own pace! Summer break takes on a whole new meaning for UCLA students and there are endless opportunities.

Rebecca Winkle