Coffee and the College Student

Coffee is something that (almost) every college student is familiar with.  When I first came to college, I was not a coffee drinker but I quickly became one.

One of the great things about coffee is that you can get it just about anywhere on campus.  BCaf is open until 2am, the dining halls have it for every meal, there are a plethora of cafes, there are coffee vending machines, and then there is off campus.  If you need caffeine, you will find it!

On campus, you can get just about anything by way of coffee and tea.  You can get a plain up of joe or a dirty chai latte.  All of the coffee shops on campus also have seasonal favorites (such as pumpkin spice)!  If you bring your own mug, they even give you a discount.

Going off campus, your options get a little crazier.  There are places right in westwood that will give you a fancy latte with some foam art or several Starbucks (which is open 24 hours!) and Coffee Beans to study at.  Personally, I like to study at Espresso Profetta or Starbucks right across from the Bruin Theater!

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to try a really exciting kind of coffee: Turkish Coffee.  It is for experienced coffee drinkers only!  It’s so strong, that when I ordered it, they had to make sure that I had eaten lunch first.  Turkish coffee is a method of preparation, not type of coffee and is so thick it has the consistency of hot chocolate (but is really all just coffee).  They even serve it with a glass of warm water to wash the bitter taste away.  It was really good though!

Overall, coffee is part of the college experience.  There are so many great places on campus and in the area to go and explore.  Part of the UCLA experience is finding those hidden gems to study at or where they make your favorite coffee!  I still have a few places on my UCLA bucket list to try! Any suggestions?



  1. thecoffeecompass says:

    My brother goes to UC Davis, but I’ll have to come visit UCLA, too, and check out all the coffee!

    What’s the difference between Turkish coffee and espresso?

  2. Hannah Bernosky says:

    LA is full of coffee options!

    Turkish coffee and espresso are both different methods of preparing coffee. I’m not well verses in the preparation of either one, but where you can put espresso in other drinks (i.e. mochas), Turkish coffee is very thick. Think of hot chocolate, but with coffee. It’s grainy.

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