A Whirlwind of a Quarter


This has been a busy couple of weeks!

The end of the quarter is finally in sight and I cannot wait for this marathon to be over!

All that said, it has been a spectacular quarter so far.  I have been taking 4 of the most interesting classes that I have ever taken at UCLA, met some amazing people, started planning for my summer, and have been getting things for Relay for Life in motion.

One of the most rewarding things about UCLA is how diverse and personal it is.  I know that those two things sound like contradictions, but even though my quarter has been busy, I have loved every minute of it.  My classes are specific to what I WANT to take , which is really nice.  Applying for summer shenanigans is always hectic, but really rewarding.  It looks like I will be spending quite a bit of time in the Eastern Hemisphere this summer!  Relay for Life (while so far) is getting closer and closer and it has been cool to see how students from all over campus can come together for a common cause.

Sometimes, however, it is nice to just take a break!  This weekend I got to go to Pacific Palisades.  It was a nice break from school and a time to just hang out with some awesome girls.  We were close enough to school that it didn’t feel too much like a vacation, but it was a different enough environment to not be distracted by school work.  It was a great weekend and a nice change of scenery.

A lot of semester school kids wonder how we do it all in 10 weeks.  It’s all about keeping a level head and keeping focused.  10 weeks can go by really quickly, so it’s important to keep calm and take time to smell the coffee roses.