First Time in Korea Town

Korean BBQ---Photo Credit: Steven Simons One of the most unique things about UCLA is the fact that it is located in the diverse city of Los Angeles. It is the responsibility of every UCLA student to go and experience the incredible diversity and unique experiences that the city can offer. This often means that you have to go outside of your comfort zone and leave the familiarity of Westwood Village and explore what Los Angeles has to offer. I am in my third year at UCLA and I have experienced a lot of what LA has to offer, but one thing I have never done was go to Korea town and have Korean BBQ. I have heard about it for so long, but the opportunity never presented itself until the weekend when my roommates and I decided to take a trip to Korea town and go have some BBQ. We headed down town and once I was sufficiently lost, my roommate pulled into a parking a lot containing a 7-11 and our Korean BBQ restaurant. Given that I had no previous experience with Korean BBQ I was not prepared for what was next. It was only when we pulled up to the restaurant that my roommate revealed that it was only $10 for all you could eat meat! After waiting nearly an hour for a table, we finally were seated at this hole in the wall restaurant. The smell of roasting meat filled the place and I was starving when I sat down. I was surprised to find a grill in the middle of the table. Before the meat even arrived, our table was loaded up with food. 11 plates of beef, chicken, and pork later, we were stuffed to bursting. For a college kid on a budget, it is hard to beat the deal we had at this restaurant. We got great food at an even better price. For any person attending UCLA, Korean BBQ is a must. I just regret that it took me 2.5 years to finally experience it, but I’m so glad I did and will definitely be returning.

Steve Simons