Swinging back to the ’30’s

One of the best parts about UCLA  are all of the unique cultural opportunities!  One of my favorites is the  annual 1930’s Swing Dance Party put on by the Historical Ballroom Dance Society.

Every winter they put on a huge dance party in the Charles  E. Young Grand Salon of Kerckoff Hall.  They have a live swing band and plenty of experienced dancers to show you the ropes.  This was my fourth time swing dancing and I was able to dance with the best of them (or so I like to think)!  This year they even taught us how to Lindy Hop!

All of my friends go (both guys and girls) so we are never short on partners.  There are also other UCLA students and UCLA affiliates who come out to learn and have fun.  The lesson was an hour long, so even my friends who had never swing danced before got to learn.  Following the lesson, the band played for three hours and the instructors taught us some pretty cool tricks!

I have definitely discovered my love of jazz and swing here at UCLA!  The band played played many favorites such as “I Won’t Dance”, “Across The Sea”, and “Mac the Knife”.  My friend and I even made up a small routine that we perfected and then got to show off to our friends!

Swing Dancing has become a tradition for me that I could only have found here at UCLA.  It is a skill and a hobby that I can enjoy for the rest of my life!