Changing my graduation plans


It’s hard to believe that this very day three years ago, I had just finished my first round of finals as a freshman at UCLA.  It has been a long and hard (but rewarding) journey since then, and I can barely believe how far I’ve come.

In September, I began the quarter with the end in mind, that is, the end of my undergraduate career at UCLA.  My degree expected term was Fall 2012, as I would be taking the final procedures class in GIS for my major, and I had mentally prepared myself to graduate two quarters early.  However, halfway through the quarter I decided that my interest in GIS is too great to graduate without attempting the minor, especially since I am only three classes away.  So I decided to stay my full four years at UCLA to graduate with a second minor, a more technical one that complements my theory-based coursework.  And the procedure to change my degree expected term was simple as pie; it took me less than 2 minutes at the registrar’s office.

Well, UCLA, I guess you won’t be getting rid of me just yet.  It seems like I can’t let go of you and the opportunities you offer 🙂


  1. Debra Yoo says:

    UCLA is lucky to have you for a full four years, El!

  2. Azi Citesc says:

    Yes, UCLA is very lucky, good job!

  3. Mehmet Ezel says:

    UCLA is one of the best research centers.As far as I know Herbalife molecular nutrition laboratory is also here.

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