Early start to giving thanks this Thanksgiving :)

What a nice way to kick off the coming Thanksgiving week with our victory on the football game this past weekend! Bruins beat  the Trojans  38-28!!! woohoooo 🙂

Now, I wasn’t a big football fan before. However, I went to my first ever football game when we were playing against Arizona, and that was a good first game experience!! That’s why I was so  excited for the UCLA – USC game!! But anyway, GREAT job Bruins!! 🙂 Like I said, a really really nice thing to start off Thanksgiving week..

Speaking of Thanksgiving week, that means we’re almost in week 8!! That means only 2 more weeks and we’ll be done with this quarter!! I can’t believe that this quarter went by so fast. Although that also means 2 more weeks before finals; however, that also means that only 2 more weeks before I get to go home for winter break 🙂 I haven’t gone home for almost 3 or 4 years which is why I’m super excited for it!!! I will keep you all posted about that, and I’ll post pictures too!!

Hopefully by week 8, midterms have died down for all of you; and if it hasn’t (I still have midterms the day before Thanksgiving) then good luck to all of you! Let’s end this midterms season strong also before enjoying the Thanksgiving break! 🙂

This past weekend, I got a chance to watch Twilight – some of you might roll your eyes by now, haha – No, I’m not one of those crazy girls that will scream and start giggling when the vampire or the werewolves come out; however, I have to say that it was an entertaining and fun to spend time with some of my friends that like and dislike the movie. Some of us truly enjoyed the movie, while others were being a good friends and “sacrificed” their time to hang out with us, hahahaha…

Well, time to get back to study for my last midterm. For those with remaining midterms, good luck! For those that are done with midterms, good job and have a fun Thanksgiving week!! 🙂

Olivia Harjanto