Drain the red


This Wednesday, the battle between the floors in Hedrick Hall opens for which floor donates the most blood. The first 65 donors get free t-shirts, and everyone gets a movie ticket and some food for regeneration. The floor that gets the most blood donated gets a $200 prize.

I’ve been waiting for this moment!! This will be my very first time to donate blood ever. I’ve always wanted to do it, but that meant I would have drive all the way to the hospital, fill out bunch of forms, sit in the waiting room for like an hour, and do a physical check-up and what not. I mean, it’s like they are almost discouraging you to donate! I just want to donate my blood. Please take it!

Well, that’s basically what UCLA Blood & Platelets Center does for you. You can just walk in during their hours, donate some blood, and be out of there in about an hour. They do have some eligibility requirements listed for donors on their website: http://gotblood.ucla.edu/body.cfm?id=21 The basic requirements are that you should be over 17 years old, weigh over 110 lbs, and not be sick on the day of the donation. The center is linked with local hospitals like Ronald Reagan Medical Center and Santa Monica Medical Center that are in need of blood everyday. With just an hour of your time, you can save a life.

The whole process is very quick and easy. Because UCLA knows how busy its students are, it tries to keep it simple and efficient. Here is a step-by-step process of donating blood (http://gotblood.ucla.edu/body.cfm?id=75):

  1. Check-in with the Blood & Platelet Center staff.
  2. The staff will provide you with instructions for completing the required paperwork.
  3. Read the information provided, complete the Donor History Card and return it to the Blood & Platelet Center staff. You need to answer the questions on the form each time you donate as the form changes periodically.
  4. To ensure you are eligible to donate, a medical historian will review your Donor History Card with you and take your blood pressure, temperature and pulse. We will also prick your finger and perform a hemoglobin test for anemia.
  5. One of our collection staff will call your name, ask you a few questions and begin the donation process. The donation will take approximately 10 minutes to 15 minutes.
  6. After donating you will need to rest for at least 15 minutes and enjoy our juice and Diddy Riese cookies.

How easy was that?

So visit the donation center in Ackerman Union, and save a life today!