Miss Foodie

Although UCLA has AMAZING dorm food, as our dining halls have been ranked #1 in the nation several times, I like to explore other good eateries in town once in a while. Being a huge foodie myself, I like to walk down to Westwood or anywhere around campus to find new places to eat great food and hang out.

There are good eateries all over Westwood. If you like Asian noodles of all sorts, definitely take a trip to Noodle World. It serves authentic Asian cuisine from Vietnam, China, Japan, and Thailand. It has the best Pod Thai’s, and Pho’s with a deep, incredibly comforting broth. They also serve boba drinks, which is always a plus for me. With good prices and late night service, it is a great place to go with a friend to grab a late night snack. Or, if you are feeling like sushi, take a short walk to Yamato. It is located right in the center of the Westwood Village. If you walk along Westwood Blvd, you cannot miss it, because it is the only white building that looks like a castle. Although it can be pretty pricey, it holds regular happy hours from 5pm to close every night, which offers half-off discount on all rolls. So if you’re craving some baked lobster roll or dragon roll, hit Yamato for the night, and you will be satisfied.

I recently visited BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse to grab dinner with my brother, and I really enjoyed the casual atmosphere. In a dimly lit room, people were eating and watching some football with a bottle of beer in their hands. We ordered a pasta dish and a burger, and I personally liked the burger more. While the pasta was a bit dry, the burger was tender and juicy, and it came with wedged-cut fries, which were perfectly cooked: golden and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  But the dessert was the highlight of the night. BJ’s are especially known for their “pizookies”, or pizza-cookies. These rich, decadent cookies of various sorts, such as cookies and cream, the one that I personally had,  rasberry white chocolate almond, red velvet, and even gluten-free chocolate chip, are each topped with two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream. These things are so big and rich that you may have to share it with a couple of people.

I probably consumed thousands of calories that night, but it was TOTALLY worth it! And this place is only one of the tens of hundreds of restaurants that I have yet to explore in this city of LA, and I am so excited to try all of them. There are many things I am grateful for in this city of LA, but I am probably most thankful for its wonderful food 😉