A quick weekend trip before Fall kicks in

Hey all, can you believe it that Fall quarter is about to start in 1 week???? Summer does go super fast!! I took the chance to get a quick weekend trip to San Francisco to avoid LA heat and to avoid the idea of thinking back to homework and midterms in about 1 week, haha..

Anyway, so I made a few stops before finally reached San Francisco. For you who’s not from California, I would definitely highly recommend to visit these places if you haven’t got a chance.

First stop, Solvang 🙂 It is a small cute town where you can get one of the best Danish bakery! Not to mention, they also have one of the best pancake I’ve ever tried. Their pancake is thin and crispy and all the right amount of deliciousness 😉 They were having a Danish Day celebration when I went there. It is a cute small parade where everyone dressed up in Danish traditional attire and they have lots of dancing and traditional food across the stress!

Next stop, Monterey! What a lovely city by the beach Monterey is! 🙂 The weather is so much cooler, and I immediately fall in love with the atmosphere of the town. They have a lot of unique local store. They also have Monterey Bay Aquarium there (I would recommend to visit it if you haven’t done so) where they have the cutest sea otter I’ve ever seen!!! They are super adorable and will show you tricks during feeding time! I also went to visit a small attraction store where they have mirror maze and laser challenge. I tried the laser challenge and it was so much fun! You will enter a dark room and then they will turn on the laser all across the room (imagine a James Bond movie where he tried to cross the room without touching the laser detector). The goal is to reach the end of the room with the shortest amount of time needed. SUPER FUN!!! 😉

Last stop, San Fransisco! Perfect place to avoid the LA heat, haha.. I even had to wear 2 jackets!! I visited the Union Square and I also went to get the best fried oreos on the Fisherman Wharf! The lady is really nice and she gave us 2 extra fried oreo when she found out that I drove from LA to get her fried oreos. I’m talking about the best from the best of the fried oreo that you might have tried in LA fair or OC fair 😉

It was so much fun to have a quick get away trip from LA traffic and LA heat!!