Rushing through the end of summer session!!


Yes people, it’s that time again when you’re about to run out of time to finish up all your projects at school. Well at least for me it is that time again,haha.. I only have 3 weeks left for my summer session class, yay!!! Super excited, but that also means that less time to finish up all the projects that keep coming up every week. And for me that means another thing: back to Starbucks to do my projects 🙂

Research has been going pretty good so far, I started to do my own experiment. I’m also  getting ready for the school year in Fall when I have to do the experiment completely by my own!! I hope my last blog about how to find research has been helpful for some people, and I will continue to update you guys about how’s life in research group 🙂

It’s really interesting how now it’s easier to understand research papers and the terminology once you actually are doing research. It’s not so much that I suddenly become a genius, but it becomes a habit and a training process that your brain has to go through, which in a way sharpens your way of thinking and analyzing an experiment 🙂

Another interesting thing that happen last week was watching Batman of course 🙂 For those that is a fan of superhero, then this is one EXCELLENT movie to watch! Of course, the tragedy that happen in Colorado totally saddened my heart. It gave me a really good wake up call to really appreciate life and people that I love. It reminded me to not take life for granted and waste it. How anything can happen anytime and anywhere, in an unexpected moment in our lives. My heart goes to all the families that lost their loved ones, and to all the heroes that protected their loved ones that night! That was a really good reminder for me to always give thanks and live every single day to the fullest.