UCLA Athletics offers several clinics and summer camps throughout the year in fifteen sports for pre-collegiate athletes. They serve as potential recruiting opportunities, or just a fun activity for a young kid to try. This past weekend I coached and counseled at the gymnastics camp. Counseling at UCLA was a larger responsibility then my previous experience at Woodward, mainly since UCLA is an open campus, it is necessary to watch the kiddos at all times. Ages varied from seven to high school aged kids.

Since Yates Gym is under construction this summer to build a new locker room, we built an entire gym in Collins Court for the duration of camp. Man, was set up tiring. I spent over seven hours moving equipment into a building, placing mats in the correct position and putting springs in a trampoline. I cannot describe how sore I was the next day, but there was no time to dwell on that since camp started!

Campers arrived early the next morning and we rushed them to the gym. After two days of workouts, we had a skit night and dance party. Overall, camp was a great experience and another opportunity for us to show how great UCLA is to future Bruins.

Go Bruins!