An Interesting Approach to Therapy

I am not quite sure why my Psychology of Fear class keeps coming up as my topic of choice for my blog entries, but here we go again. In reality, it does dominate my life! This weekend, our professor was out of town, so we had a guest lecturer. I was aware I had to write a “Critical Thinking Guide” for this guest yet nothing could prepare me for what I was about to endure. Within the first five minutes, he informed us that those who wanted to buy in would have their lives transformed.

The lecturer was another psychologist who has developed a “psychosynthesis” approach. He focuses on teaching people to be fearless. This particular therapist loves to focus on the unconscious mind. He went on the play a game with us, called the Forest Game. We had to visualize certain things as he told a story of us walking into a forest, seeing a tree, then a key, then a vessel to drink with, then a body of water, then a bear, and finally a barrier. He then proceeded to relate each object to an aspect of life. For example, the tree represents your view of yourself, the key your future etc. I do not think I bought in, but this class was definitely more intellectually stimulating than most.

Go Bruins!