Interview with a Phobic

In lieu of an in class midterm examination, my psychology of fear requires an interview of a subject with a phobia with a six page write-up of the interview. This has been quite an interesting assignment. I have very little psychology background knowledge, so I have been doing a little bit of extra work just to make sure I fully understand the discussions we have been having in class.

Needless to say, this assignment has been quite entertaining despite the challenges. First came to find a subject with a phobia. Not a problem, I discovered a friend who was terrified of gutters to a friend deathly afraid of bees. This led to a rather fun interview, where I got to uncover the root of the fear. Next, I had to ask leading questions to develop a background of the fear. Finally, I analyzed the interview in reference to some of the crucial points of the psychologists we read in class.

This midterm is quite different then what I am used to. Regardless, I have enjoyed the challenge. This is after all what college is all about!

Go Bruins!