A Look into a Public Policy Research Seminar

For this quarter, I am taking a Public Policy Research Seminar that fulfills my Capstone requirement for the Public Affairs minor I am completing. I couldn’t be any more excited to learn about different proposed bills currently in the Judicial system. In this class, we will dive into the process of simulating the role of a policy staff aide to an elected official. Since class is only once a week,  we will complete 10 different assignments that have to do with the process in developing a policy proposal which could become legislation. For the first week, we need to find a topic and write a description of the proposed policy. Then we need to complete an internal briefing memo which goes into the background of the proposed policy, cost/benefit analysis, political risk assessment and includes a question and answer section. In addition, we will create a press release announcing the proposal to our class, look into responding to angry constituents regarding the proposal, write an opinion piece (“Op Ed” piece), write a draft of a five minute speech to a civic organization, and then for the final assignment, act as if you are testifying before a “legislative committee.”

Though it seems like this class will require a lot of research and work, I am really looking forward to it. This is why I decided to become a Public Affairs minor– to be able to look at how policies affect the general public and what benefits/costs they have towards the target audience it is affecting. I am definitely excited and cannot wait to learn about the different proposed policies that are currently floating around that can potentially have a big impact in our society. I have decided to write my proposed policy topic on Dianne Feinstein’s Respect for Marriage Act. We will see how everything works out…wish me luck!!!