Dorm Dinner

In what is becoming a quarterly tradition, Bruin Ambassadors had their final meet of the quarter in De Neve Dining Hall. (Side note: Bruin Ambassadors is the undergraduate admissions program I work for). For those of us who no longer live on the hill, the younger ambassadors pull together enough swipes to feed all of us.

I inwardly chuckle at myself about how excited I am to eat in the dining hall. By my second year living in the dorms, I was over it. Yes, UCLA food is amazing, but it does get monotonous. I have definitely enjoyed being able to control exactly what I eat and what goes in my food since moving into an apartment.

Anyway, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a dining hall meal once in a while. I was definitely excited for the variety in the salad bar since they have tons of options- bell peppers, tofu, cauliflower, hardboiled egg and much more. It was a nice way to end the quarter as we buckle down for finals.

Go Bruins!