Week 9…Work Picks Up

Currently, UCLA is about to go into Week 9 of Winter Quarter. It seems like this quarter has come and gone, yet it is not over. For me, I have two more weeks left of intense work as I am going to be taking my finals during Week 10 of instruction. Time is ticking. In order to prepare for my finals, I am currently diligently working on my outlines. In order to prepare for finals, I plan to get both of my outlines for my papers finalized by tomorrow and start the papers. The magic about the quarter system is that it goes by QUICKLY. You don’t realize it until you experience it. Or better yet, if you want to get the experience of it, try jotting down ten weeks in your calendar and count down as the weeks go by. Seriously, it is no joke. In order to be on top of your academics as a student, you have to have a definite balance in your studies and social life. It’s all great and dandy, but the work can get a bit overwhelming at times. I, however, wouldn’t trade in the quarter system for the semester system. I feel like 10 weeks is enough to get a feel of the material, and if I love the subjects I am studying, I can continue to expand my knowledge of it in upcoming quarters. Just know that as a student in the quarter system, work picks up starting Week 1, ;).