Dance Marathon!

This past weekend was Dance Marathon! Wooooo! It was so fun, so grand, so tiring!

Let me break it down. DM is a 26-hour dance party that is hosted by the Pediatric AIDS Coalition at UCLA. I am part of that coalition (PAC for short), and besides DM we put on a bunch of super fun stuff like awareness events and laser tag outings and parties (at clubs!). PAC’s main goal is to raise money to fight pediatric AIDS and HIV. Our primary beneficiary for all of our fundraising is the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS foundation, and they do a ton of really cool work around the world, like providing pregnant and nursing mothers with drugs that reduce the chance of transmitting HIV to their babies.

Dance Marathon is our largest event of the year. And it’s also the most fun by far.

Because I was on PAC, I didn’t spend the whole time dancing. I checked people in, I patrolled the stairwells, I handed people their t-shirts, and I gave people food during meal breaks. But besides the (small) amount of work I did, I spent the rest of the 26 hours dancing my butt off.

And the dancing was the best part. I didn’t go to Dance Marathon last year (which really makes NO sense but whatEVER), so getting to dance a lot this year made me feel like I was getting the experience that I had missed out on. I boogied with close friends, I jived with acquaintances, and I definitely got down with people I have never met before.

Perhaps the only bad thing about DM (besides the heinous lack of Beyonce songs) was that at around 5 in the morning your feet start to hurt. I mean they really start to feel like your feet bones are bustin’ through your skin and just grindin’ into the ground. I mean really, ouch, ok? But just when you think you are about to pass out from the freakish amount of pain you hear one the rare Beyonce songs (seriously, the were very few and far between) and you forget about the bottoms of your feet and you concentrate on the top of the room. And by that I mean, you start jumping and dancing until you (feel like you) are at the ceiling.

And the cycle continues like that until you reach the final hour, the 26th hour of what has been an unforgettable experience. And that hour is power hour. Everyone, despite being soooo exhausted, dances for an entire hour. Everyone hoots. Everyone hollers. And by the end you are so excited because you have been dancing and because you finally get to sit down after standing for more than a day.

DM finishes with several speeches and the reveal of our final fundraising number – $451,144.03 this year! – and by that time everyone is in tears because you just spent so much time with friends and you are saving lives and you have no other option but to cry after not sleeping for that long.

Dance Marathon was great. And I cannot wait to do it again.

(P.S. Maddy will probably be telling you all about DM, too)


  1. mothersrings says:

    Great work. Such a great event and cause. Keep up the good work.

    1. It really was! Thank you

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