Managing Your Time

As midterms approach us, we are all balancing our social life with academics. Yesterday was Super Bowl day. Don’t get me wrong, but I’m not much of a football person. I don’t really like it. But between all the excitement and whatnot, I love the half time performances. Let me just tell you that Madonna KILLED it!!! Her performance was amazing!!! I loved it! Who didn’t?  The point is, with all my excitement and upcoming papers and tests nearing by, we college students have to balance our time. With that being said, I usually balance my time by giving myself ‘time off’ from my studies. That way, when I’m actually having time off, I can relax and not worry about school. This in return causes me to really be ‘in the zone’ (OMG I just caught a Britney Spears reference) when I’m studying. That means, no slacking off or time-off from my study time. This encourages me to really be focused and be organized. I also like to take a nap before my studying time. That way, when I wake up I can concentrate fully in what I am studying and not be worn out. It’s critical to be effective with your time as a student. That’s why every time anyone asks for suggestions on how to better manage your time when studying, my first suggestion is to be honest with yourself and your studying habits, and work around them. After all, everyone works differently and it is up to you to work effectively with the way ‘you work.’