Westwood LIVE in Bruin Plaza

In addition to livening up Westwood every third Thursday of the month, Westwood LIVE was in Bruin Plaza yesterday making sure as many Bruins as possible know about this wonderful USAC initiative to bring more Bruins into Westwood, our lovely little college town immediately south of the UCLA campus.  Westwood LIVE is meant to celebrate three C’s: culture, cuisine, and community; sure enough, every third Thursday of each month is hit with a block party on Broxton Ave, complete with a stage and performances from student groups as well as professional artists.  Many of our favorite restaurants, including the Glendon, Napa Valley Grille and Barney’s Beanery, all have great discounts for those who pre-purchase a “passport” that hold exclusive shopping and dining discount privileges.

Who can resist an evening of good shopping, dining and performances at awesome discounted prices?  I know I can’t wait!