Beat ‘SC Week

Our campus takes some drastic measures to prepare for the USC football game. We are really lucky to have such a great school across town for a fun rivalry.

In order to protect our bruin bear, precautionary protection is implemented. What looks like an oversized cardboard box is placed over the bear with signs that indicate the bear is hibernating. I have elaborate heard stories that there are further security measures in place besides the wood, but I have my doubts on their legitimacy.

Next, we have the Beat ‘SC Bonfire and Rally put on by the UCLA Alumni Association. This is a very festive event with lots of bru-win spirit all around! As the name suggests, the highlight of the rally is the lighting of a big bonfire. This event is such a fun way to celebrate our rivalry in a positive manner.

This year the event coupled with the “Get-The-Red-Out T-shirt Exchange.” As the name suggests, students get to exchange red t-shirts for a UCLA blue shirt. New t-shirts are always exciting.

Go Bruins!