Homecoming Weekend

For the first time since 2004, we had a homecoming carnival. On Friday night, the Intramural Field served as a fair ground with games, obstacle courses and dance performances. More importantly, lessons to learn a dance for the flash mob were held. It was great to have an event on campus to celebrate homecoming, in addition to opening a great weekend!

Saturday was a great day! Beautiful weather, excellent school spirit and a victorious team. The homecoming game has a bit more excitement in the name alone. On top of that, it was parents’ weekend so Blue and Gold Spirit at the Rose Bowl was abundant! Back to the flash mob, students had been encouraged to learn the flash mob dance all week, with special dance instruction workshops and YouTube instructional videos. Led by the marching band and cheerleaders among tons of other students we all performed a dance to Lady Gaga’s “The Edge of Glory.” All in all it was just a fun way to show off some Bruin spirit!