LGBT Resource Fair

On Friday, September 30th, I participated in UCLA’S LGBT Resource Fair and it was such an amazing experience. The UCLA LGBT Resource Center coordinated this fair in an effort to spread awareness about their center at UCLA, as well as other resources available on campus. Along with my other friends and co workers, we roamed around the different information booths and were informed about the resources available. There were also plenty of goodies that were given away such as candies, drinks, different colored cup cakes, as well as Bruin Pride pins. Taking part in this resource fair was a privilege for me because I got to meet so many wonderful individuals and was able to spread awareness about the LGBT Resource Center at UCLA.

The LGBT Resource Center at UCLA does so much for its students. It provides an area for students who identify as LGBT (not only that, but it’s open for ANYONE!) to go in,  relax, chat, get to know one another, or get work done. There are also lots of services available at the center. For example, it provides free printing everyday for students. It’s also one of the campus’ most student-friendly resource centers. Everyone there is so welcoming and in my opinion, fabulous! It made me feel good to be able to join the efforts of the resource center, in spreading awareness about all of its services for students. I was even lucky enough to get a LGBT Resource Center t-shirt and a Bruin Pride pin. GO BRUINS! BRUIN PRIDE!