Post Potter Depression, a phenomenon

Ladies and Gentlemen of this particular audience,

It has come to my attention that the world at large is experiencing what we at UCLA have referred to as P.P.D or Post Potter Depression. See video to understand more.

However, I must say to this audience, fear not this fictitious void of fantasy and imagination. There are many of us out there who call us fans, nay, fanatics. And I can say I am one of them. I grew up on Harry Potter, reading the first book in the second grade as a family activity every night. I remember getting a nosebleed in chapter 3 and how that spot of blood is still there. So yes, I can truthfully say I cry, sweat, and bleed for Harry Potter. (how many of you can say that HUH!?!?!)

On my 12th birthday my Grandma ONLY gave me Harry Potter related presents including one Marauder’s map and a set of necklace charms to be worn close to my heart (including a hippogriff, snitch, and witch’s hat. Let’s just say the boys were lining up;) ) AND, my 1st year at UCLA I won an all hill (the centralized student dorm area) Harry Potter trivia competition and got to take home the most beautiful full length Gryffindor robe which I may wear out to apartment parties on occasion….

So, when the night of the final movie premiere comes around and I opt out of dressing up and purchasing a ticket, how DARE the rest of the HP community call me out for not being a “fan”. To all of you out there, I have one thing to say. The wonder that is Harry Potter does not die because they made the final movie. The wonder is within and in my opinion has been stifled by the entertainment industry capitalizing off of a child’s ability to imagine. We must take back what is rightfully ours and tell these “fans” who have yet to read the books, that the magic is about what happens between you and the pages. Let’s not forget that this all began on the back of napkin in the sweet stain of ink. Never forget the power of a book and the creativity of reading. TO GRYFFINDOR AND THE FANS THAT KEEP ON FANTASIZING!

Hopefully this didn’t scare anyone off…….OBLIVIATE!


  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I have PPD too! LOL. nice post btw!

    1. I know! It’s been so traumatic! Haha. Hopefully you’re making it through these tough times! I’m glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for following me!

  2. Haha I honestly thought I was the only one with friends did not understand the sadness I felt after watching the last movie l0l. I love this post, the video, and everything Harry Potter !

    1. I’m here for you! Anytime you need random HP quotes, I can lend you a hand. Glad to hear you enjoyed the post!

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