Finals Week at UCLA

A week before finals week, I unfortunately got sick with Strep throat. That same week I had two papers do, a project, and also a final (back to back days). So I had to deal with deadlines and sickness all at the same time. Thankfully for me though, I had almost finished with all of my papers and felt comfortable with my final studies. With finals this week, everyone is in the zone and studying 24/7. Some students are also preparing for graduation [I am going to miss some of my friends who are graduating 😦 ]. Just to think that exactly a week ago I was still sick with Strep and drinking lots of liquids (it’s a miracle what a week does!). And in a week, I will be at home done with my second year at UCLA. Wow, it’s all going so fast!

The campus is not as crowded as it is during finals. I took the time today before my review session to look at the beauty of our campus and really connect with it on a different level. I was able to notice the details of our buildings, the green grass, the students, and the weather. Once again, it made me realize how proud and happy I am to be a Bruin. It has taken me a week to realize that soon enough I will be on my summer break. I’m excited yet sad that I will not see all of my UCLA faves throughout the summer (either because they live in Nor Cal or some are studying abroad). I’m preparing myself for finals and for my last goodbyes before the year starts all over again! Now, as I return to studying for my finals (and take mini breaks in between) I will think about my return to the campus in August–even though school doesn’t start until September I will be moving into my apartment a month beforehand (YAY!). I cannot wait….!!!!