CEC Short Takes Finale

This past Tuesday night was Campus Events Commission‘s annual film festival finale. It featured nine totally awesome student-made films. Several were stop motion, many were comedy, and one told the story of boy and his car.

Besides the films, the night also consisted of two panels. One panel featured four industry professionals. Two of them worked as animators for Disney (one was the man who decided to give the little mermaid red hair!) and the other two worked in television (one programmed stations for Direct TV in Latin America, and one worked on the Jackass films). The second panel featured actors, all of whom had been involved in theater and television. My favorite was Alan Ruck who played Cameron in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but there were many more. Melora Hardin, who played Jan in The Office, was there as well as Danny Pudi who plays Abed in Community.

Both of the panels were very exciting. It is always fun to get a tiny taste of showbiz. Plus, I am still in awe that I saw the man responsible for making Ariel a redhead.

The films were also terrific. One was about a teenager who believed he was a mountain lion. This behavior got butter put in his eyes. Another was made with a lego man and it was about his fishing trip. My favorite was called Couples Therapy and was about a couple who had trouble being intimate. To spice things up, the couple agreed to try role-playing. The girl took it too seriously and lead the boy through an elaborate fantasy land that she had constructed in their home. The film ended with the boy getting stabbed in the leg with a magic dagger.

Campus Events Commission puts on really fun events like this as well as free concerts and speaking events.