Committee Bonding

On Saturday night, my committee directors scheduled committee bonding time. The other coordinators and I expected a visit to our director Steve’s house (he had been bragging about his mom’s lasagna). Instead, we found ourselves waiting in line next to drag queens and fishnetted legs. Huddled in the alley, we listened to a corset-wearing woman telling us the rules:

  • no illegal substances
  • no food (that means bread and tortillas)
  • no photography of the giant lips

If you haven’t figured it out, my committee and I went to a midnight performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was our first time attending for most of us, and a man came to draw big “V”s on our cheeks with red lipstick (we were “virgins”).

The show itself was fantastic. It reminded me that everything could be a “that’s what she said” joke in disguise, and that fun can be had with things like gender. Even though I sometimes couldn’t hear the actual movie over the screams of the audience, I still totally enjoyed myself.

It wasn’t originally on my to-do-in-college list, but I am very happy that I added (then promptly crossed off) going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Charley is a coordinator on the Scholar Relations Committee in the Alumni Scholars Club. The committee organizes social events for the members of ASC.