The Optimists: Ah Lim Lee

Although thousands of miles away from home, she has discovered a tight-night and academically rewarding campus community at UCLA.

The Optimists: Brad Fingard

UCLA Optimist Brad Fingard shares his views on diversity at UCLA and how students and administrators alike work to constantly improve campus climate.

Expressing Who You Are

One of the biggest perks about being part of the UCLA community is being able to express who you are. When deciding which college to attend, I wanted to make sure that I was going to be able to openly express who I am and make an impact with my talents. I wanted to make…

Working at the HAMMER

This past year I was involved in an on-campus group called the Hammer Student Association. For me, the experience was a tad different than most HSAers. Applications to be on a committee go out fall quarter, and the club is supposed to a be a year-long committment, but I joined winter quarter. I heard about…