Roadtrip to Berkeley for the Cal game




This past weekend Bruins mobbed out to Berkeley for our football game against Cal. My group of friends left on Friday afternoon to start our adventure. On the way up, we passed winnebagos upon winnebagos of UCLA students, already pumped up for the game and cheering outside of the windows on the 5 freeway. We stayed at a friend’s place right next to Berkeley campus for the night and ran into Bruins when we went out for dinner, where we proceeded to 8-clap in the middle of all Berkeley students. It was awesome. On Saturday we tailgate hopped before the game and WATCHED THE BRUINS WIN. That night we relocated to a friend’s place about 30 minutes away, in San Francisco. He just graduated in the Spring and was a great host for our little reunion! Finally, on Sunday we had brunch and headed back to the best campus around- UCLA. After a long weekend and a great win, it’s good to be home!

Home Game Opener

This past week UCLA had its first home game of the season! Even though we’re still on summer break, groups of UCLA students were still able to mob out to the Rose Bowl to cheer on our Bruins. Since not everybody is in town, we combined tailgates with my roommates, sorority sisters and friends from UniCamp. Tailgating was a blast and the game itself  was a ton of fun watching our team win another game and spending time with quality people. I’m super excited for the games to come!

Bruins ‘Till the Day We’re Dead

One my favorite parts about Fall quarter is the football games. Every home game tons of students mob out to the Rose Bowl hours before it starts to tailgate and get pumped to cheer on our Bruins. Although the Rose Bowl is a bit of a drive from Westwood, there is a bus that leaves from campus the day of the game and transports students to and from the stadium. It’s a really fun ride! Student groups also organize a bunch of carpools and busses to get to the game, which is also a ton of fun. This last Saturday we had our “blackout game” where all the football players, cheerleaders and fans wore black bruin gear to black out the stadium. We played Washington and won 41 – 31! We’re now prepared to beat the Sun Devils next weekend, and even more importantly the Trojans the week after that. GO BRUINS!


Free Football Game Tickets?

Yes! Free football game tickets. UCLA is an awesome school and it has been giving out tickets to incoming freshmen and transfer students at the beginning of every year to let them enjoy some of the school events for free. Last year’s incoming students were able to go to the game for UCLA vs. Washington, in which UCLA won.  This year, the free tickets were for the football game against Utah Utes.

All home football games are held at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena. Rides can conveniently be arranged through the shuttle transportation system, or the public transportation system by taking the Metro Gold Line. Or, if you have your own car, you can park at the stadium for a fee of $20. But, because there are a ton of people going to the game, the traffic tends to be congested. So, be sure to leave early to avoid traffic and claim your parking spots! First come, first serve!!

As much as people are enthusiastic about the actual game itself, many get excited for the food. The food completes the whole experience of watching football. The stadium is filled with temporary food vendors where you can find bacon-wrapped hot dogs, garlic fries, Santa Maria tri-tip sandwich, BBQ beef or pulled pork sandwiches, burritos, sweet kettle popcorn, and even teriyaki chicken rice bowls. The concessions sell just about everything: hot dogs, nachos, pretzels, churros, popcorn, candy, and peanuts. Plus, it’s not just any ordinary hot dog. You can either choose a jumbo hot dog, a jumbo bratwurst, Louisiana hot link (includes grilled peppers and onions^^), Italian hot links(serves with marinara and grated mozzarella cheese), or the “Old Fashioned Hot Dog,” which comes with a freshly cooked sausage bun sprinkled with bacon and sharp cheddar cheese. As you might have realized already, I am passionate about food. The Rose Bowl sounds like a happy place to me.

It’s really cool to have the Rose Bowl as our home stadium, because it has hosted many famous games. It has hosted the Olympic Soccer Matches in 1984, the Men’s World Cup in 1994, the Women’s World Cup in 1999, and the BCS National College Football Championship Games in 2002 and 2006. Also, the Rose Bowl Stadium is the eighth largest stadiums in the nation.

This year’s free game was just last Saturday. UCLA won with the final score of 21-14. With our powerful defense, we were able to keep the other team’s offense from scoring any points until the very last quarter.

Although I’m not a huge football aficionado, if I can get a free ticket, and I get to eat great food, I’d say it’s a pretty good deal. Thank you UCLA.

Go Bruins!

Princeton Ly – UCLA Swag

Hello there!

So I recently ran across a spate of UCLA-themed hip-hop references in the last week or so and thought I would share them with you all.

The first is a tribute to the greatest UCLA basketball player of all time, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, then Lewis Alcindor:

Yes, that is the rapper Twista you see wearing Kareem’s indefatigable 33 in the 2004 Kanye West // Jamie Foxx // Twista collaboration “Slow Jamz” – Grammy-nominated, even.

The second is a throwback:

The almost-literally larger-than-life Notorious B.I.G. sampled Herb Alpert’s “Rise” for his iconic (also) Grammy-nominated piece “Hypnotize” – Herb Alpert being, of course, the artist who endowed UCLA’s eponymous School of Music in 2007.

The third is a bit off the beaten path: Sean Combs, the multi-talented (and multi-monikered) rapper and producer, is actually thinking of sending his son to UCLA to play football. The duo visited campus over the summer to attend a practice. If the younger Combs commits, I am more than sure that a Bruin Bash or Spring Sing appearance is in the mix!

And just for kicks, one of the cutest Bruin hip-hop productions you’ll see all year. 🙂

Until next time, PEACE.