Apartment Life

While dorm life is super fun and the food is unbelievably delicious, many UCLA students move into the nearby Westwood apartments by their junior or senior year. The apartments that students move into are also very close to campus, just behind the dorms. They’re usually a bit cheaper than dorming, and almost everyone living next to you are also UCLA students. To find apartment roommates, students either gather a group of their friends, or ask around on internet sites to see who needs another roommate (I’d suggest using UCLA Facebook groups made specifically for housing, for safety!).

My living situation was a little bit nontraditional compared to many other students. Instead of staying in the dorms for two years or moving into Greek housing my sophomore year, I moved into an apartment with my friends during my second year. I got super close to my roommates and our apartment actually became best friends with another unit just a couple doors down from ours. Our group of about 10 people had potlucks together, studied together, played Nintendo 64 together, and a few times we even put all of our mattresses into the living room for the night and had movie-sleepovers together. During long study sessions, we would sometimes play hide and seek in the dark as a break! Essentially we were just a big group of kids living together that studied sometimes. It was really fun!

After my sophomore year living in the apartments, I moved into my sorority house for my junior year where I actually appreciated HOW NICE it is to have someone cook for you and clean for you . My house had 53 girls living in it total, and my room had a total of 4 girls in it. I also got really close with my roommates and other girls in the house and it was a lot of fun!

Finally for my senior year I just moved back apartment-side into a nice place at the beginning of summer. My roommates are friends I made from living in the sorority house last year and other mutual friends. They’ve quickly become my best friends– we do everything together! We’ve also met and became friends with some other units in our complex, or realized that people we already previously knew have become our neighbors. When friends don’t live in the same complex as me, they’re an easy 2 – 10 minute walk away. Also, Westwood village is just 5 minutes away (AKA In-n-out is just 5 minutes away) so food is always accessible if we don’t feel like cooking. I’m super excited for a whole school year at this place, especially once everyone moves back to Westwood!

Here’s a picture of me and a couple of my friends who stayed over when they were apartment-less. They moved out of their old place and had a week before the lease at their new place began, so they couch surfed on different friend’s couches each night and took pictures with them each day. Friends in the apartments are always willing to help others out and let them stay on their couches for a night!