A Weekend At the Bay

After a long week together at UniCamp, the volunteers in our session just can’t get enough of each other. So this past weekend we all got together and road tripped up north to hang out near San Francisco for a change in scenery. We had a wonderful time couch surfing at friend’s places from the area (and meeting their parents yay!) and adventuring around.

We began the trip with the Golden Gate Bridge, of course. Then we ate dim sum!

The next day we explored Haight and Ashbury, Dolores park and UC Berkeley.

On the last day, we ate TWO breakfasts (one made by our friend’s grandma and another by our friend’s friend from home.. so of course we couldn’t refuse) and stayed a bit north of the city where we went wine tasting in Santa Rosa and at our friend’s winery. We also visited Bodega Bay where Alfred Hitchcock’s film “The Birds” was filmed. It was a “grape” day!