An Alternative Summer

While most students spend their summers studying abroad or going home or taking extra classes, I spent the last 5 weeks of sunshine inside a classroom, tutoring high school students on SAT prep. At first I thought I was making a sacrifice, but I quickly discovered these students were actually making much more of a sacrifice– their summer breaks were much shorter than mine (I still have over a month left of break and they’re going back to school next week!), and they still dedicated their precious time off to the SAT. My students were all low-income and they got to take this course for free. Statistically, low-income students usually score lower on the SAT, which could partly be because they do not have the money to afford SAT prep classes much like this one. Although the material on the SAT was not very fun or very interesting, I absolutely loved getting to know each of the students. They were all college-bound and each one had their own specific goal or dream they were already working toward. Many of them even hoped to apply to UCLA and loved hearing about my experiences as a current student. I loved giving them a look into how it was to be a college student, and I hope to help many of them apply to UCLA in the Fall. While these past 5 weeks would have been fun if I were abroad or watching Netflix, meeting these kids was just as enriching and fun than those things,  and more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.

Here’s a picture of my students and I!

Photo Credit: Jamie Campbell


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  1. Obafemi says:

    Great Job Camie, its wonderful you lent a helping hand in shaping the kids life.

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