Bruins ‘Till the Day We’re Dead

One my favorite parts about Fall quarter is the football games. Every home game tons of students mob out to the Rose Bowl hours before it starts to tailgate and get pumped to cheer on our Bruins. Although the Rose Bowl is a bit of a drive from Westwood, there is a bus that leaves from campus the day of the game and transports students to and from the stadium. It’s a really fun ride! Student groups also organize a bunch of carpools and busses to get to the game, which is also a ton of fun. This last Saturday we had our “blackout game” where all the football players, cheerleaders and fans wore black bruin gear to black out the stadium. We played Washington and won 41 – 31! We’re now prepared to beat the Sun Devils next weekend, and even more importantly the Trojans the week after that. GO BRUINS!