The Getty Villa

Last weekend I stayed with my old roommates in Westwood to catch up with them again. Though we had a really fun potluck and an eventful day of shopping, my favorite part of the weekend was visiting The Getty Villa about 30 minutes away in Malibu.

We got the idea to visit the Getty Villa because as UCLA students we’re always visiting The Getty Center (for free!) about five minutes from campus. Pretty recently in 2006 they reopened their second location- the Getty Villa in Malibu- after renovation so there is a lot of information about it there. We always wanted to visit but never made time to until now.

The Getty Villa is a museum and educational center dedicated to the study of the arts and cultures of ancient Greece, Rome, and Etruria. There are a ton of really cool preserved artifacts and statues that will make you question how talented you are compared to the people that created them so long ago. There are also some really pretty gardens and fountains, including the Outer Peristyle with a breathtaking 220-foot-long pool adorned with hedge-lined pathways, circular stone benches, and plants favored by the ancient Romans. The location overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is truly a beautiful place to visit. It is an awesome place to be and I would recommend everyone to go. Admission is also free!! But reservation is required.

Here is a picture of me (being super excited) by the pool at the Outer Peristyle!