Summer lovin’

After a stressful finals week of catching up, writing papers, and drinking coffee I am so happy to finally be on summer break! To kick off summer, my roommates and I decided to take a celebratory trip to Lake Havasu- bordering Arizona and California- for a few days to spend some time in the sun. After a five hour road trip filled with junk food, naps, and various Pandora radio stations, we finally made it there. We unloaded our car into a cabin we stayed at near the lake and immediately jumped in the water. For the rest of the trip we did not spend much time outside of the water or the sun- we road around on jet-skies and a boat and took turns getting pulled on a raft during the day and each night we came back to the cabin to cook dinner for each other, watch silly reality TV shows and compare our sunburns- all things that we aren’t usually able to do during the school year! Unfortunately, UCLA students always fill their summers up with obligations other than vacationing, so we couldn’t stay forever. Eventually we came back to Los Angeles to start exciting new jobs, internships and summer classes. I had such a great time away from LA, but I’m also so excited for the other things coming my way this summer!