My new favorite cafe!

As a UCLA student, many of us drink tons of coffee (especially during the ever-so-rapidly approaching finals week)! Since coming here, I think I’ve really learned how to distinguish a really good cup of coffee from a bad one. So naturally, my life was changed when I made my first trip to Urth Caffe. Urth Caffe is America’s first only organic coffee company with locations in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Downtown- all pretty close to UCLA campus so tons of students love to go! You cannot go wrong with basically any coffee or tea you order  here because it will all be delicious. The food they serve is also very healthy and they have a lot of vegan options which seems to be a trend in Los Angeles. Since I first tried this place a couple weeks ago, a cannot keep myself away from the super close Beverly Hills location- I even forced one of my floormates to come here with me this weekend!

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  1. sikonyols says:

    So, hungry when i know your post about this, ehmmm…. :”)

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