Sunday Morning Hike



Last Sunday morning I woke up around 9 AM after a long two days of activity (Spring Sing on Friday night and UniCamp Campathon all day Saturday really wears you out!) so I was planning on waking up nice and slow, enjoying a cup of tea, and maybe lounging around for a couple of hours before working on an essay I had due on Monday night. I started my morning with the usual checking-of-the-iPhone and saw that I just received a snapchat from one of my best friends that lives a few doors down from me in my apartment complex that read “WAKE UP EVERYONE! Let’s go hiking!” Unable to turn down an opportunity to hang out with some of my best friends and roommates, I ran over there and we woke everyone in our two apartments up by jumping on them while they were still in bed (the most efficient method, of course). Once the hiking group was established, we ate a super quick breakfast and headed to the Solstice Canyon trail in the Santa Monica mountains in Malibu.

After a fairly short 25 minute drive, we started our adventure. First we explored the ruins of an old mansion from the 1800’s which was super cool. Then, we followed up a little stream and climbed up multiple waterfalls. It was really beautiful and the cool ocean breeze from Malibu being so near was amazing. After coming back down, we decided to be adventurous and take the “loop trail” back to our parking space. This trail went for three miles and went uphill for a long time, until we finally reached the top of a mountain and saw the extraordinary view of the ocean. The long hike up was worth it- especially because I got to race my roommates on the way down!

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  1. teasenz says:

    Looks like you had great weather during your hike!

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