A weekend filled with Woodsey magic!

This weekend I went on a retreat with one of my favorite organizations at UCLA: UCLA UniCamp! UniCamp was founded at UCLA in 1934 (only 15 years after UCLA was founded) and is UCLA’s official student charity. Through UniCamp, students volunteer to fundraise money that goes towards subsidizing the cost to send under-served students aged 10-14 years old from the greater Los Angeles up in the mountains to summer camp for a week. Up at camp, the UCLA students act as their counselors and we lead them in tons of character-building activities and other activities that they can’t do down in the city like mountain-biking, fishing, rock-climbing, and simply star-gazing. During Spring quarter, UniCamp volunteers train for 100 hours. During this time we become super close with our session (the other people I’ll be up at camp with for the week). At retreat we did a lot of character building activities and team building activities that we can do with the kids once we’re up at camp as well. I had so so much fun bonding with them (not to mention we got to stay in an awesome beach house) and I can’t wait to hang out with them again at meeting this week!


  1. Manny says:

    Hi Jamie. What’s your camp name? A beach house for a weekend doesn’t seem very Woodsey to me, but it’s great as long as you had a great bonding with your session. Training for 100 hours? Sounds great to me. Sending Woodsey love from an old-timer.

    Blue Jay

    1. Hi Blue Jay,

      It’s great to hear from another Woodsey! My camp name is Teapot- I chose it on a whim because I work with preschoolers and the week we needed to choose our camp names was the same week we were singing “I’m a Little Teapot” in the class and I realized I am also short and I always stand with my hand to my side, like the teapot in the song. Also I am always drinking tea! Training for 100 hours is actually really fun, and it fulfills a requirement for all of us to be American Campers Association certified. Thanks so much for the Woodsey love and I am sending much of it back to you. We have co reveals tonight at meeting and I’m so excited to find out who my co will be!


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