LA can be outdoorsy too!


Since moving to Los Angeles, I’ve been trying to do all of the city-like things I didn’t get to do at home, like going to concerts at nearby venues or trying out as many unique, hip restaurants as possible. But one thing that has surprised me about LA is how “outdoorsy” it can actually be. Tons of people here actually prefer things like bike-riding, surfing, and hiking over things like shopping at expensive stores and attending movie premiers (weird, right?). Since living here, I have gotten a chance to experience both the glitz and glamour of LA, but also the down-to-earth side of LA.

This past weekend I mixed the glitz and glamour with the down-to-earth aspects of Los Angeles in one of the best ways possible: I hiked to the Hollywood sign! It was a blast. There are a couple  of different main trails that people take when hiking to the sign- including one that will take you in front of it, one that will take you in back of it, and one that starts from Griffith park. We decided to take the shortest route that leads us to the back of the Hollywood sign. The hike was short and sweet and we got to see a bunch of horses and even a snake- two things you don’t see in Westwood very often. We ran into a few other UCLA students on the way up as well! The view at the top of the Hollywood sign is amazing. Not only are you able to see the gorgeous Hollywood Hills, but also downtown Los Angeles, Westwood and the Pacific Ocean. If you turn around you can also see whats behind the mountain- towns like Burbank and Glendale and the 5 freeway! It definitely gave me a better understanding of the overall geography of Los Angeles and how close everything actually was. After our trip we rewarded ourselves and stopped by Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills on the way back to Westwood. As usual, it was delicious. I felt like a true tourist this day and I can’t wait to go again!