Ok, so I was going to write post about my final days in the states, but those turned out to be just a lot of packing and a lot of saying goodbye. Instead, I am going to document my traveling experience!

Let me first say that I got unbelievably lucky with my flights. While planning my trip, my mom chatted with her friend who is a very avid traveler with gobs and gobs of extra airline miles. The two struck a deal that included having a bunch of my mom’s friend’s miles applied to my flight bumping me up to business class. I’ve only ever flown in coach (because, c’mon, flying is expensive enough already), but after spending some time in business class I can see why people upgrade; it’s so fun!

My trip has three legs. I flew out of San Francisco over to New York then went from New York to London (where I am now) and will end my journey in Lyon.

So far, the flights have been very cool. On my way to NY, each person got there own tablet to watch movies and shows on (I watched the Hunger Games (finally)), and we all got served fancy foodstuffs. There was a breakfast scramble, glass after glass of sparkling water, and warm cookies. Being able to recline was surreal – I didn’t feel like I was on a plane. It was amazing. My flight to London was equally exciting. I watched another movie (this time the Five Year Engagement), slept horizontally, and got to munch on delicious meals. My favorite part was the apricot smoothie served with breakfast (the flight attendant recommended it as it was very “energizing”). I’m really excited for my next flight! Hopefully I can squeeze one more movie in there.

Besides having super luxurious plane rides, business class also allows you access to the airport lounges. Normally I’m content just hanging out at my gate munching on some overpriced airport snacks, but it has been such a cool treat to hang out in these lounges with fellow business and first classers (even if I feel a little funny and out of place). I got super lucky in New York – when I went to go to business class lounge, I was told that I wasn’t allowed to go in because I’m underage and there is an open bar, so I was “forced” to go to the first class lounge. It may have been the swankiest experience of my life. They were serving a complimentary pre-flight dinner, which included all sorts of tasty goodies (prosciutto and figs, roast chicken, assorted cheeses). I even took a little nap on one of the uber comfy couches, which again made me feel a little funny.

It has been kind of weird to be traveling such a long distance alone, but being in business class has made the trip less of a hassle and more of a whoa this is a once in lifetime thing experience. Who knows, maybe I will be booking more non-coach flights in the future. But for now, this whole thing has just made me feel extremely lucky.

France, here I come!