My TV Moment

It seems every student at UCLA has their moment where they pass by a big time celebrity, or get to be on a tv show or music video. My big tv moment came when my friend invited me to go to Raging Waters, a water park just outside Los Angeles, to eat desserts. I did not really know what she meant, but free entrance to a water park and desserts on a three-day weekend seemed like a win to me.

Turns out, it was an episode of one of the spin-offs from “Top Chef.” After a dramatic staged entrance running under a waterfall, I enjoyed desserts from the competitors and discussed what I liked about them. Finally, I was asked to wait at a stand to grab a dessert as the judges were walking in. I spent the rest of the day enjoying the water park which also included unfortunate footage of me going down a waterslide. To spare the details, this event always provides me with a go-to embarrassing story during ice breaker games.

I have never watched the episode, or found out the results. Any dessert is great to me. Go Bruins!