The amazing Spider-Man!!

For some of you, I’m sure you were able to get a chance to go to the midnight screening of Spider-Man, but unfortunately I wasn’t one of those lucky people. I couldn’t imagine the line and the crowd for it, so I decided to wait until the weekend to watch it. It was a lot better, but still the whole theater was packed when I went to watch it with 5 of my friends!!

For those who haven’t watched it, and if you know you’re a super hero lover, then this is one of the movie that you should watch! It has action, more details of Spiderman’s life, and definitely more  romance 😉

I will say that this is the most romantic super hero movie I’ve ever seen. Maybe because it was during Spiderman’s  high school years and was about his first love… who knows. But it is one of those movies that will make you smile mostly because in your mind you’re saying “yup, those high school times!” 😉

Other than Spiderman, my 4th of July celebration was really relaxing 🙂 My friends and I didn’t do anything over the top, we just relaxed for that day since most of us had school or work the next day. That night, I was driving home from having dinner with my boyfriend when people started lighting up fireworks!! So my driving home was entertaining because it was filled with fireworks along the freeway 🙂


  1. Well, I am waiting for Spiderman-the movie to come here in Nairobi… If it that romantic as you say i must catch a seat in the theatre

  2. hilfans says:

    just wondering what if spiderman bites by ant. :p

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