A trip down to 3rd street Promenade

Okay, so you might think that a trip to Third Street Promenade is not really an adventure. However, it was an adventure for me because I took the Big Blue Bus for the first time, instead of driving and actually went down there by myself!!!

I took  line number 1, and didn’t even know which stop to get off at so I had to ask  the bus driver where to stop, and luckily she knew!! It was a pretty long ride on the bus actually. After 40 minutes I arrived at Third Street Promenade. And as usual, I went straight to the stores without  bothering to check where the other returning bus stop was. After 2 hours of shopping, I realized I didn’t know where the bus stop was get back home!!

I went back to the original bus stop where I was dropped off but I didn’t see any bus stops on the side of the street. Luckily, there was a bus that was stopped and I was able to ask the bus driver how to get back to UCLA. She told me that I actually had to catch the bus on Santa Monica Boulevard, which was one block down from where I was. From there,  I walked down to Santa Monica Boulevard and 10 minutes later, I saw the bus number 1!! 🙂

Forty minutes later, I made it back to Westwood.  My trip to Third Street was a little adventure for me… even my boyfriend was shocked to find that I went there by myself on the bus, haha!!