Road Trip Part 1

It is hard to believe that I am already half way finished with my 4 years at UCLA. The last 2 years have been a truly remarkable experience, and I cannot wait for the next two and I am seriously dreading the end. As an out-of-state student from the east coast, I enjoy being in California and living somewhere completely different than my home. However, that distance can make certain things difficult when it comes to having a place to put your stuff at the end of the year, and lugging all your clothes back on an airplane which is what I did last year. However this year was totally different. I have a friend who lives in Arizona who needed to get his car back to the east coast, so I jumped on the opportunity to do a road trip.

We started our journey a few hours after my last final. We loaded up his Hyundai with all of our bags and headed out. Overall, our journey would take 3,000 miles, 110 gallons of gas at an average price of $3.38, and we averaged almost 31 miles per gallon. We drove for nearly 50 hours, stopped 16 times, and visited 9 different states, those being California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, and finally Delaware. Our first stop was in Phoenix where we rested up and prepared for the rest of the drive. Of course, any crucial ingredient for a road trip is the snacks, and drinks for the drive. We loaded up on brownies, beef jerky, cookies, pop tarts, Cheetos, tasty cakes,  soda, energy drinks, and PowerAde . Not exactly a healthy diet! We knew that we were going to need all the sugar, caffeine, and easy energy that we could get for our drive to Dallas. 16 hours while only stopping at rest stops or for gas is a long drive but one that we were excited to take.

I have not seen very much desert in my life, so driving from Houston to Dallas meant I got to see a lot of desert scenery which I thought was beautiful. I loved the mountains, and rocks and I thought it was amazing to me how few people lived in all this space. I have also never seen Mexico, so when we drove through El Paso we ended up driving a stone’s throw from the Mexican border and the city of Juarez. Unfortunately after that, there isn’t much in west Texas except for windmills, and oil rigs. Luckily though, the next part of the trip was much more exciting, which I will write about in my next blog post!