BMES End of Year Banquet

Last Friday, Maggiano’s Little Italy was swarmed with Bruins; and I’m talking Bio-Engineer from Bruins!! Yup, we all got fancy and glammed up for BMES (Bio-Medical Engineer Society) End of Year Banquet that night; and it was so much fun!

It was a great way to end the school year, right before finals week. There were about 100 students and some faculty and staff that joined us that night. Some students submitted videos to compete with each other, there were engineer rap battle (yup, you read it right), zombie attack at laboratory, peanut butter as a cure to the zombie attack, as well as building up machine to fight zombies. And in case you haven’t get the clue, the theme for the night is zombie attack at the UCLA Bio-Engineer lab

It was a really fun night. The food was amazing, and everyone was just enjoying the break from late night at lab hours and long hours of homework and studying. Nevertheless, can you guys believe it’s already week 10?!?! That means this is our last week of Spring quarter already, and that means get ready for cramming for all those finals that are coming next week!! Get ready for the last push of the quarter Bruins!!