The calm before the storm :)

I think this long Memorial weekend perfectly fits what I believe is the calm before the storm. It’s week 9 now, and everybody knows what that means: 1 week left to finish up all the projects, homework, and studying before we hit finals week. But I certainly think that this long weekend is just something that everybody is thankful for because it gives you the chance to heal after a long quarter before the final battle (as I always refer my final and midterms as)

And that’s exactly what I did. Instead of going with the original plan we had of going out of town and traveling, my boyfriend and I  just relaxed and did absolutely nothing stressful this long weekend.

We started the weekend right by kicking it off with a dinner at Musha at Santa Monica. For those of you who are Japanese food lovers, this is definitely a place to go to. It’s at Wilshire and 4th street. It’s a small restaurant, but it got packed so quickly. The salmon is to die for and the rib eye is so yummy!!

And, here’s the 2 cutest things I encountered this week: they are 2 new puppies and they’re super cute!  My boyfriend’s also niece learned to wink and kept doing it with me 🙂 Because it was a little hot too on Saturday, I took his niece to go swimming and she LOVED it!! She was shivering because the water was a little cold but she refused to get out from the pool. She was giggling and splashing water while shivering. It was a total cuteness!!


And speaking about the 2 new puppies, I just loved playing with them. The white one is a little bit bigger and it looks like a baby polar bear; the brown one is smaller and she was just a ball of energy. She kept running around and hiding at all the possible places she could find.

It was such a lovely and fun weekend, and although I’m sad it has ended but I guess that means we’re getting closer to summer!! wohoooo… But before that, with the hours that I have left. I’m going to start driving and going to get dim sum 🙂 For those who haven’t tried before, I only have one thing to say: try it!! 🙂 Happy Memorial Day Weekend Bruins!!